Master the Internet of Things

Sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge with the makers of Cumulocity

Module 1

Basics of the Internet of Things and Cumulocity

  • Introduction to the Internet of Things:
    What, why and why now?
  • Introduction to Cumulocity
  • Exercise: Use the Internet of Things with Cumulocity
  • Introduction to the Cumulocity applications: Device Management, Cockpit, Administration
Half day
13H00 - 17H00
Target audience
All audiences
Module 2

Cumulocity IoT Platform Power User

  • Cockpit and Smart Rules
  • Alarm management
  • Device management
  • Device lifecycle
  • Cumulocity administration
  • Location and tracking
  • Cloud Fieldbus
1 day
09h00 - 17H00
All audiences
Module 1 - Basics of the Internet of Things and Cumulocity
Module 3

Cumulocity Developer

  • Cumulocity's REST API
  • Cumulocity's domain model
  • Real-time notifications
  • Overview of device integration, application development and real-time processing
  • Track 1: Device integration and SmartREST
  • Track 2: Real-time processing using Cumulocity Event Language
  • Track 3: Web development using Cumulocity SmartApps
1 day — choose one track
09h00 - 17H00
Software developers
Module 1 - Basics of the Internet of Things and Cumulocity
Basic knowledge of Internet communications and REST.
For Track 3: Knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.
Module 4

Internet of Things Challenges and Cumulocity Solutions

  • The Industrial Internet of Things
  • Connecting assets
  • Taking Cumulocity into use: Running proof of concepts, pilots and production
  • Cumulocity vs other approaches
  • Partner program and device certification
  • Internet of Things standards
  • Internet of Things security
1 day
09h00 - 17H00
Technical presales and solution architects
Module 1 - Basics of the Internet of Things and Cumulocity
Module 5

Cumulocity Operations

  • Cumulocity architecture
  • Multi-tenancy and platform administration
  • Scalability and performance concepts
  • Cumulocity database architecture
  • Monitoring
  • Cumulocity deployment using Chef
  • Operations and troubleshooting
  • Backup and restore
  • Supporting IoT solutions
  • Practical exercises on a test instance
2 days
09h00 - 17H00
Operations and support personnel
Module 1 - Basics of the Internet of Things and Cumulocity.
Knowledge of Internet communications and Unix.

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