Rapid Industrial & Agricultural Solution Development

ABOUT Sensor-Technik Wiedemann


Sensor-Technik Wiedemann is a manufacturer of sophisticated electronic solutions in the fields of automation, networking and electrical technology. Founded in 1985, STW now has 440 employees serving Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) around the world.

STW is highly experienced in the commercial development and production of solutions, and brings its considerable know-how, technology and infrastructure to bear for both small piece quantities and large scale production.


The solutions that Sensor-Technik Wiedemann develops are often highly specialised to a particular industry or industry sub-segment to cater for their very particular requirements. The decreasing price of sensor components and increasing ubiquity of communications has allowed these solutions to take advantage of the collation of vehicle Micro-Controller Unit (MCU), orientation and location information in an increasing holistic manner. With some services, such as agricultural soil usage efficiency, not being possible prior to this information being available.

As a solution developer, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann recognises that there is constant tension between the customer’s demand for a bespoke solution to their particular business problem and their desire to rapidly exploit the benefits of a productised turn-key solution. Sensor-Technik Wiedemann sought to use common customisable components to develop bespoke solutions for their commercial and government customers. Thereby, reducing both time to market and time to value.

Rapid Industrial & Agricultural Solution Development

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann adopted, branded and configured the Cumulocity IoT platform to initially focus on the tracking and advanced analytics of the use of industrial and agricultural vehicles and their environmental impact.

  • Dedicated Edition of the Cumulocity IoT Platform
  • Fully branded STW
  • Real-time monitoring of CANbus connected industrial and agricultural vehicles
  • Integration and zero-touch registration for STW tracking devices
  • Customised default dashboards for STW sensing and tracking devices
  • Formulation and deployment of tracking and location usage based business rules
  • Set up and available in 6 weeks


Sensor-Technik Wiedemann was able to deliver bespoke IoT solutions to its commercial and government customers faster, with many features of these solutions not previously being feasible.

    Adoption of the fully customisable, ready-made software allowed the STW branded version of the IoT platform to be available in only x weeks
    Publicly documented features, integrations and APIs allows reuse of previous software development and rapid evolution to new customer requirements
    Feature rich and reliable IoT platform available for transparent set-up and usage-based monthly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fee
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  • Your machines currently operate on your customer's site and are maintained by your service personnel
  • Your existing remote maintenance solution is costly and lacks the functionality you desire
  • You would like to improve customer satisfaction through new proactive maintenance services
  • You want to differentiate in your market with new innovative offerings
  • You want to add an online service to your hardware product

Cumulocity opens up possibilities that previously have been only viable for large industrial applications. Get in touch to find out more.