The owa3X Platform is an Open, Flexible and Powerful Wireless Embedded Computer, providing fully wireless capabilities for Remote Management and Monitoring.

A unique platform to develop Telemetry and Telematic Applications. The owa3X platform is designed around and ARM9 processor running Linux OS and provided with the APIs and Libraries needed in order for our customers to develop applications in C or/and C++.

The owa3X platform is a powerful platform for the management of geographically distributed equipment, integrating wireless communications with embedded IP functionality to allow efficient and bi-directional transmission of information across the cellular wireless networks.

The owa3X platform has been designed to withstand the rigorous of an automotive and industrial environment (CE and E marked) whilst providing a wide range of common connectivity options.

Some of the characteristics which make the owa3X a unique platform is the possibility to combine a wide variety of different functionalities as required by the System Integrators for each project.

The System Integrator has the possibility to order for example: Project A: owa3X platform with GSM/GPRS, Wifi and Gyroscope Project B: owa3X platform with UMTS, BT, BLE and 2 Kline interfaces

Basic features or the owa3X platform are: ARM9 Processor 400 MHz, Linux OS, 32 MB FLASH, 32/64 MB RAM, Micro SD, GPS, GPRS, 10 Digital I/Os, 4 Analog Inputs, Odometer, Dallas Ibutton, 3 RS232, 1 RS485, Accelerometer, CAN, KLINE, Audio, 2 USB, ETH, Optional Battery, etc.

Optional Communication Technologies; Bluetooth, BLE, WiFI, Edge, HSPA/UMTS, I/Os Expansion Board, 2nd CAN, 2nd KLINE, etc.



A unique Platform to Develop Telemetry and Telematic Applications with IP67 enclosure for rugged conditions, Internal Antennas and a wide range of connectivity.

The owa3X/Rugged platform is designed around and ARM9 processor running Linux OS and provided with the APIs and Libraries needed in order for our customers to develop applications in C or/and C++.


  • GNSS (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo)
    • RS232 & 1 RS485
    • AUDIO
    • Etc.


  • WiFi (AP)
  • ZigBee
  • Etc.



Open and powerful IoT gateway/ New Generation Linux Wireless Embedded Computer

Powerful Linux IoT Gateway, to process data coming from wired and wireless sensors/devices/peripherals (4 CAN interfaces). The owa4X sits close to your assets, in order to monitor and control them, sending just the meaningful information to cloud services or custom control centre.

Ideal for:

Operation on Cars, Trucks, Bus+Train, Industrial Machinery etc. Digital Tachograph Remote Download, DTCO. Vehicle fleet management. Operating data recording. Condition & Remote Monitoring.

ARM Cortex A8 CPU 32bit @800MHz

  • 512MB RAM DDR3
  • 1GB NAND Flash, +32GB using uSD
  • Industry standard architecture

Very Powerful: Linux Kernel and Debian OS


  • Up to 4 CAN bus supporting full speed 1Mbps CAN 2.0B
  • Up to 2K-line bus.
  • Wifi +BT4.2.
  • 10 configurable digital I/Os
  • 4 analog inputs.
  • Maxim 1wire
  • micrSD card holder
  • USB Host2.0.
  • 3 external RS232Ports
  • One RS485 port.
  • Ethernet 10/100 BastT.
  • Vout 5V power output (500mA max.)
  • Fudio Codec


  • Robust for Automotive
  • Very Low Power consumption & power saving modes

The products of the owa4X family are predestined for all telematics applications like vehicle diagnostics, fleet management, car vehicle location, positioning and operating data acquisition of moving objects. Due to its robustness and IP67 rating, the owa4x IoT gateway is particularly suitable for use in construction and agricultural machinery, dangerous goods, conveying and industrial equipment and much more.

Interfaces and connectivity options and well as full technical specifications can be found on the owasys web page.


Integration with Cumulocity

Owasys provides a ready-to-use software plugin for the open owa3x platform called pollux.cumulocity. Once installed and configured, this plugin provides integration with the cumulocity cloud services out of the box.

It runs as a standalone application and it has been designed to be easily integrated with any other application developed for both the owa3x and owa3x Rugged Linux-based platforms.

This Cumulocity plugin, mantained by Owasys and made available through the owa3x Developer's Zone, manages connection platform registration status and measurement reporting. This functionality will be extended in future versions of the software to support native Cumulocity alarms and events, identity tracking and fully automatic registration.

If you decide to minimize time-to-market or if you do not want to develop your custom application for the open Linux owa3x unit, this plugin is fully compatible with any of the other polluxfamily of plugins that Owasys provides through its developer zone.

Think of these plugins as independent building blocks that provide basic features needed for a wide range of M2M and IoT applications. From 2G/3G network service pollux.net to the more specific ModBus pollux.modbus plugin, Owasys is continuously working on improving and adding new features to this range of software building blocks. Please, do not hesitate to access our Developer's Zone or contact our customer support service should you require further information about available pollux plugins.

Installation and configuration

Any owa3x units meets all the requirements for the installation of the pollux.cumulocity plugin.

The installable package and installation instructions can be found at the owa3x Developer's Zone. Installation simply consists of extracting the tarball file of the latest version inside the /home/ folder of the unit using the serial debug interface or the OTA upgrade feature.

You will also need a Cumulocity tenant and valid access credentials. Creation of your own Cumulocity tenant account can be done easily and for free.

Check device registration

With this first version of the pollux.cumulocity plugin you will need to register your devices manually using the Cumulocity Device Manager web interface:

Device Registration

This will change in the next release of the plugin, which will support fully automatic registration of devices, so no human intervention will be needed on server side.

You can also check the thorough cumulocity documentation on the subject.

Basic configuration

The pollux.cumulocity plugin uses a single JSON configuration file /home/conf/cumulocity.json. This a real life example:

   "name": "cumulocity.pollux",
   "file": "/tmp/cumulocity.db",
   "backup": "./db/cumulocity.db",
   "server": "owasys.cumulocity.com",
   "port": 80,
   "apikey": "HTTP-basic-authentication-base64-encoded",
         ... measurement templates ...
      ... mapping of devices attached ...

In this file, first you need to modify the following properties according to your Cumulocity settings:

  • server is the subdomain assigned to your tenant
  • apikey is the Base64-encoded string of the HTTP basic authentication token for your Cumulocity account credentials. That is, in pseudo-code:
  • base64(username + ':' + password)
  • id is the Cumulocity ID assigned to this device during the registration process. Please see below.

Cumulocity Managed Object ID

Apart from devices and table (which will be detailed in the Advanced Configuration section), the rest of the properties of the JSON file usually should not be modified.


The Owasys Cumulocity plugin reports any data as Cumulocity measurements.

This data must be fed to the plugin by writing in a pre-defined format into the text plain file defined in file property of the pollux.cumulocity configuration file. That file, usually /tmp/cumulocity.db, works a reliable communication queue.

The format is as follows:


As the owa3x can act as concentrator or gateway for multiple hardware and sensors; each with different level of built-in intelligence, and also can run multiple application in parallel.

In order to support this powerful feature and report as multiple Cumulocity devices from the same owa3x, mapping from your source to a Cumulocity Device ID is made through the devices array in the plugin configuration file.

This mapping feature makes pollux.cumulocity a versatile and extensible solution, completely independent from the producer devices or applications.

For example, for data comming a ModBus device (registered in the Cumulocity platform with device ID 5395) and another monitoring application running in the owa3x (the owa3x itself is modeled in Cumulocity as device ID 4811) the devices array property would look like this:

  { "id":"5395","preffix":"ModBus1"},
  { "id":"4811","preffix":"app"}

ModBus device uses "ModBus1" as source parameter when writing to the queue and will be shown as Device 5395 in the Cumulocity web interface. The independent monitoring application also running on the owa3x reports as Device ID 4811 by using "app" as source.

Finally, the table array of the configuration file maps different <data_id> to Cumulocity measurement templates like this:


So, if we would like to report from the ModBus client temperature and pressure measurements, and battery and temperature readings from the monitoring application we would need to write to the file:


This will be sent as four properly formatted Cumulocity measurements each to the corresponding Device on the configured Cumulocity endpoint.

Cumulocity Alarms

Native Cumulocity alarms are not implemented in this version. However they can be raised using the event-driven business rules engine provided by Cumulocity. You will need to manually create the specific rules for your business case; they might use the reported measurements and/or other parameters and data available on Cumulocity.

Please contact Owasys or Cumulocity for details about how to use this functionality.


Some advanced features will be added in future versions of the pollux.cumulocity plugin for owa3x and owa3x Rugged platforms:

  1. Fully automated register of the owa3x unit in Cumulocity
  2. Support for "native" Cumulocity alarms
  3. Automatic detection and register of child devices

If you have specific needs such as integrating ModBus devices, CAN bus integration, etc. please do not hesitate to contact us.


pollux.cumulocity software plugin for owa3x and owa3x Rugged is maintained by Owasys and we work continuously to add new features and improvements. If you are interested in this software or need help integrating any of owa3x variants please visit our Developer's Zone or simply contact us.